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Moms and Stuff Corp.


Are you a Polk County mom looking for connection, resources, and a helping hand? Moms & Stuff Corp is here for you! We're building a village to empower mothers by offering essential support, social activities, and assistance with basic needs like food, clothing, and diapers. Join us and create a nurturing environment where every mom feels valued and supported.

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At Moms & Stuff Corp, we believe in building a strong village for Polk County moms. We are dedicated to empowering mothers and fostering connections by providing essential support, jobs, social activities, and resources. This includes assistance with basic needs like food, clothing, diapers, and toys. Through our programs and services, we aim to create a nurturing environment where all moms feel supported and valued.


We envision a future where every mom in Polk County has access to the resources and support they need to thrive. A future where motherhood is celebrated, and no mom feels alone. Through our continued growth and innovative programs, Moms & Stuff Corp aspires to be the cornerstone of a vibrant and supportive network for Polk County mothers, ensuring they can raise happy, healthy families. As well as being happy and healthy themselves. 

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Your generous donation allows us to provide essential support and resources to Polk County mothers.

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